Forjas Merik is a 100% Mexican and privately owned company.

Starting in 1982, it started with another company name (Forjas Lara), and in 2015 it was fully acquired by Grupo Merik, increasing exposure and technical capabilities. Since its SOP, Forjas Merik has been forging components for the automotive and agricultural industries, having clients such as Navistar, Daimler, Flex'n Gates and John Deer. The main focus has been to be in the small forging production components, to serve and supply OEM customers as tier one or tier two suppliers, as well as the aftermarket and retail market.

The products manufactured by Forjas Merik are for the national market and also for the US market.

Forjas Merik has a robust Quality system, is ISO 9001-2008 certified, and has started the process to obtain TS16949 certification.

Forjas Merik
Cold forging with Hatebur

Cold forging with Hatebur

Cold Forging is a process at room temperature to achieve the final shape defined or approximate to the desired product.

Forjas Merik has a Forging center with a HATEBUR AKP 45 equipment with 5 stations + one cutting station, with a capacity of 140 tons to forge 18 mm diameter steel and obtain pieces up to a length of 125 mm and 30 mm diameter, ready to produce a wide variety of components in copper, low and medium carbon steel and other types of materials.

The advantages of cold forging are:

  • Greater resistance of the pieces
  • Good surface quality
  • Parts with consistently close tolerances
  • Raw material savings
  • High production rates
  • High tool life


We are a manufacturing company, leader in the manufacture of metal-mechanical products and forging in hot for different industries; we work in the continuous improvement of comprehensive, intelligent solutions and professionals to exceed the requirements of the markets.



Meeting the needs of our customers internal and external producing goods that meet with the quality, price, delivery time, service and environment, thus reaching the sales goals and committed profits.

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certificate IATF 16949:2016

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